Sunday, 2 February 2014

6 Quick Notes on Blurb Writing

Some have described your blurb as your pick-up line for readers, others simply call it a hook. I like to think of it as an elevator pitch. The idea behind the elevator pitch in business is to convince someone of your idea in the time it takes to take an elevator ride. This means your pitch needs to be succinct, to-the-point, capture the essence of your story, while not giving everything away, and ensnare your reader in the blink of an eye. Not an easy feed and one of the main reasons why writing blurbs is so tricky. 

Now that I have probably managed to scare you, let me give you 6 pointers on how to write a great blurb for your novel :)

Quick Notes on Blurbs: 

  1. Keep it short! – A great blurb shouldn’t go beyond 150 words
  2. The First Line Hook – like with your actual novel, the first line of your blurb should pack a punch and compel your reader to read on.
  3. Character and Conflict – the body of your blurb needs to efficiently establish the character and conflict of your book.
  4. Cliffhanger – That doesn’t mean to leave your reader hanging at the end, but to conclude with a note of suspense. 
  5. Simplicity is Key – complicated formulations will only hurt you in blurbs. Keep it down to a simple, clever statement of what awaits the reader insight.
  6. Don’t Oversell – avoid hyperboles in your blurb and stay away from overly praising your work.

Beyond having these 6 pointers in mind, writing a blurb is like writing the actual novel. You research, you draft, you edit, you rewrite, your beta readers give you their two cents and you rewrite it again until the right medium of elements is achieved. 

Good luck with your fabulous blurb writing in 2014!

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