Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Chameleon Ink - A Writer's Blog

Chameleon by suriko8*
Why Chameleon Ink? Because the new saga I am currently cooking up is going to focus on a chameleon, although not necessarily the animal in the classical sense.  As I was in the last stages of editing my first book, Celtic Forest, an orphan living on the streets of a 19th century town suddenly popped out from behind a stack of barrels in a run-down warehouse.

Being the curious cat that I am, I just couldn't leave this child alone and it didn’t take long until an imaginative breeze swept through my mind, endowing the unlikely heroine with the ability to change her identity. As I continued my day jobs, ventured out to book fairs in search of inspiration and started searching for agents for my first book, the street-smart chameleon was lovingly dubbed “Mug” and her story slowly started to take shape. But, I’m sure, I will tell you more about her in the next few months. At the moment, I am still sketching, experimenting and gathering data on Mug’s tale.
Whenever I am not stalking Mug, I am immersed in working on the second volume of my first book. Celtic Forest, which follows the young warrior, Lugus, and the amnesic maiden, Celestia, as they unwillingly set out to unite the Celts and lead their people out of slavery. I am still tinkering with the pitch, but once I have it nailed you will be the first to see it...would love to have your opinion on it ;) 

What do I do when I’m not writing? I finished my studies in business and English this year and am currently applying to a ton of different jobs. No real luck so far, which makes it far more interesting to write than brood over my CV and cover letter. Other than that, I help out with the marketing of a small restaurant in the neighbourhood and maintain the website for an alumni foundation. It’s fun and I can do my work pretty independently. I guess that’s the basics concerning me. I will write more entries as more things start happening. Wish you a great start into the week!

*For more cool graphics like the tatoo style chameleon check out suriko8's pofile on 123rf: