Sparks of Inspiration

Sparks of Inspiration will be a series of short posts presenting impressions, characters and scenes sparked by a single moment of imagination. 

Your imagination can flare up at any moment in time. There is no single, defined stimulus which prods the sleeping dragon in your mind and inspires you. It can be the sun reflecting of the glass beaming you into a world of magic or the dark scowl of an early morning commuter staring back at you from the face of a villain. Sparks of inspiration are the seed of a new story flittering around you every day, only to hit you in a rainbow of impressions, colours, emotions and ideas. As a writer, I love to capture these moments where reality and fantasy collide to create a new world which at times exists in perfect synchronicity with ours, at other times spins off into its own universe. Donning the mantle of a faithful archivist, I like to record these fleeting impressions by writing them down. They may evolve into a story or remain a delightful glimpse at other worlds, but I would like to share them with you.

Maybe you will be inspired? Have you collected your own sparks?

Find my collection of sparks here.

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