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Online Marketing
25 Tweet Ideas To Help Authors Fight Follower Fatigue
by Toni (the Geek) at
89 Book Marketing Ideas That Will Change Your Life
by Caitlin Muir at
The Book Marketing Maze: 22 Wrong Turns & How To Avoid Them
by Jonathan Gunson at
What NOT to Post When Marketing Your Book – 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid
by Shelley Hitz at
34 Strategic Ways You Can Use Pinterest to Market Your Book and Your Author Brand
by Kimberley Grabas at
Digital Book Signings Help Grow Authors’ Careers
by Beth Bacon at
The Author Press Kit
by Richard Ridley at
Blog Tours – A Proven Strategy to Sell eBooks and More
by Kathleen Gage at
5 Book Marketing Myths You Need To Forget
by Joanna Penn at
21 Ways a Reader Might Find Your Author Website
by Chris Robley at
Top Twitter Hashtags for Ebook Publishers
by Gary McGlaren at
Successful Self-Publishing Authors Are Entrepreneurs
by Orna Ross at

How Wattpad Gained My Self-Published Novel 500,000 Reads

by Diane Greenlay at

15 Days to Stronger Characters
by Darcy Pattinson at
Research for Fiction Writers
by Suzanne Pitner at
Creativing Writing Tip: How to Utilize the Strengths of the Flashback Scene
by Victoria Grefer at

5 Things Every Writer Should Know About Rights
by Jane Friedman at

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