Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Snowman Character Study

It finally snowed today! When I saw the pillowy white flakes slowly turn the view outside my window into a winter wonderland, I knew that I had to get out there. After weeks of spring temperatures, white is finally pearling along the bare branches of the trees and coating the dirty streets. Grabbing all the materials I could, I set out to built myself a snowman or two with character...
Back from my excursion I proudly introduce you to Periwinkle Stein and his equally sophisticated sister, Dorothea. Recently returned from their scientific expedition to the North Pole, they are now surveying the snow quantities in my little courtyard. Dorothea certainly looked ready to deliver a full report, well-structured and in her diligent hand writing I would expect. Matching her optimistic outlook, she seemed confident that they would have a handle on the situation by tomorrow. Equally in his element, Periwinkle arrogantly assured me that not a minute change in the consistency and cropping of the snow flakes would pass him by. Knowing his dedication to detail, I don't doubt it.

But their expertise in snow aside, those two certainly are two interesting characters...

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