Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Creative Writing at iTunes U

While writing on my second novel, I wanted to brush up on the basics and have a closer look at some of the elements and techniques which writers usually have in their toolbox. I remembered that iTunes University offered a number of free online courses and thought I would just try my luck. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon “Writing Creatively: Fiction”, a course offered by The Open University which featured interviews with best-selling authors on their experiences and motivation as a writer. I really enjoyed the course because it gave me an opportunity to reflect on my own writing life so far, while still refreshing some of the concepts I learned at college.   

Click on the image for the programme overview

The programme is ideal for a beginner who is unsure of where or how to start his writing career as it gives a great overview of the process. If you are a better reader than listener when it comes to study, then you also have the option to read the transcripts. I also liked the offered exercises on storytelling. My friends and I had a great evening coming up with adventures for characters invented over dinner! Whether a newbie or already a writer with experience, I believe that the offered course is a great opportunity to reflect as well as experiment with your writing. 

Now, that I’m finished with this course its back to writing - Mug has been up to quite some mischief in the meantime, I'm sure! However, if one of you stumbles upon an interesting blog or online resource, let me know ;)

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