Sunday, 7 July 2013

Rebooting Chameleon Ink

Hi everyone, 

I did my first 10 k run this morning. I honestly never thought that I would ever take part in a running event, much less make it through. Now I feel like I can take on anything...We will see how long that feeling lasts. Probably until tomorrow when I will be hardly able to move. Ouch! But my sore muscles and prospective murderous Monday are not the point of this post. 

As you probably noticed I gave the block a revamp in the last few days. Now that I have more time again to blog and am ready to reboot Chameleon Ink, I felt like it needed a do-over. What do you think of the new design? Do you like the new logo? I fiddled with picmonkey for a day to get it to this point.

What can you expect to find here in the next few months?

1) Weekly blog updates on book marketing, writing and blogging

I hope that this blog will become a platform to share ideas, exchange tips and to learn from my readers. I absolutely love the doors the internet and online publishing has opened for indie authors. As an online marketing manager by profession, I am also constantly exposed to new trends in the industry and discover new opportunities for authors to get their ideas and work out there. 
      Additionally, I am a huge fan of the fact that readers can be more and more involved already in the early stages of the writing process. You are a fantastic sounding board for ideas, a great cheering club and valuable advisors on which directions you might want me to go next. So I will try to share my own two cents on my views about writing, blogging and book marketing and hope to hear what you would like me to take on next. (Hopefully not a marathon. Not sure I can pull of 40k :) )  

2) Recommended article of the week

I have been reading up on several topics over the last months. This resulted in a list of interesting blogs on writing. I also continue to try out recommended reading by friends and stumble upon good magazines here and there. I will share personal favourites once a week. Maybe there is something which will catch your attention, too. You can check out my first recommendation to the right or click here. It is an article with tips on how authors can use twitter to better connect with their readers.

3) Tweets on any number of topics related to writing

Watch out for writing prompts, personal writing updates and anything else I stumble upon. You can find me on twitter under or follow me by clicking the button in the right-hand column.

I hope that you will enjoy yourself and join me on my journey. If you have any ideas, questions, complaints, request on topics I should look into or simple feedback, don't hesitate to drop me a line at

You can expect my first post sometime next week. I am still undecided which topic on my long list I will tackle first, so this first one will be a surprise.

I am really excited for what lies ahead,

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