Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ideas to you copy?

Some weeks my mind resembles a theme park of ideas with rides just randomly popping out of the ether. New ideas are always thrilling, but they last no more than a moment, if I don’t capture them on paper. When I initially started writing original stories, I was always afraid of putting my ideas into words because I didn’t want them to lose their flavour or I was scared of not doing them justice on paper. However, like with all new things in life you can only get started, experience and learn if you take the first step. Over the years I learned, that in writing your first draft is bound to turn out wrong in certain places. That is what editing is for and I can assure you, a first draft is seldom the text you present to the world. Over the last decade, I learned that there isn’t ever going to come a time when I am going to go with my first draft, yet after realising that I have lost my fear of taking the first step. Getting it ‘wrong’ the first few times I learned what aspects are important to a story or text style and I developed my own, unique process when writing. It’s that familiar approach that gives me safety in bringing my ideas to paper. Are there any methods of going about writing? Sure! 

Now, if you prefer a structured approach, I would suggest writing an outline of your plot and sketching your characters first before starting with composing actual scenes. If you are a “seat of the pants”-writer you will get right into the thick of it and start writing. Things will start to make sense at some point along the way and your first edit will shape your story in terms of introducing a clear plot-line. There is no wrong or right in how you approach writing…as long as you approach it and put the ideas running around in your head into words. Writing is very personal, the process unique to the author and the kind of text you wish to produce.

As I told you, I usually have a lot of ideas hopping around in my head. Some come together in the end, some are just passersby, some add to story ideas I had months ago and others end up as mere notes in my idea folder. However, every idea I have I try to get on paper and safe. They are great for times when I’m stuck. My own writing style is a combination of “seat of the pants” and a structured approach. An idea for a book usually starts with the image of a character or a scene popping in to my head. Those sparks of inspiration are usually so vivid, that I simply need to write them down in order to capture the feeling. The result is a either a scene or chapter which expands upon the initial impression. Since I am most active at night, I have to get some shut eye at some point and that’s when my penchant for planning normally kicks in. From then on it’s outlining and writing back to back…well, depending how much time I can find in a week. Otherwise I will just blaster my trusty notebook with notes or scenes, no matter where I am…the train, grocery shopping, nearly asleep,…

Writing for me starts with putting my ideas, impressions and feelings on paper. You can’t go wrong with capturing your ideas in words. So, sit down and let your pen talk ;)

Ideas to Paper…do you copy? 

P.S.: I would love to hear about your way of approaching writing?

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