Saturday, 31 December 2011

Tea For Date...Or Not

The Helston sisters had their own code of prescribed actions aimed at mastering the pitfalls of life. 

As the cold was slowly creeping up Lyra’s fingers, winding around her arms and inevitably reaching for her heart, she knew that one of the sibling rules would come to her rescue. Heaving a shuddering sigh, she sadly watched her breath plume in a white cloud. Around her the world continued turning, people rushing by under the Christmas lights softly bobbling above. She had been stood up. Feeling the prick of tears at the corner of her eyes, Lyra bit her dry lips, drew in her shoulders and resolutely settled her mind back on the code. Beyond the rejection, beyond the hurt, beyond the yet faint anger at Greg Miller bubbling in her stomach.
Helston Code # 7: Tea For Date
In the event of a no-show or a miserable first date search out the next Bubble Tea Bar and buy yourself a cupful of balm for the soul. This also counts for the eventuality that Bubble Tea is already involved before, although in that case failure is practically impossible.
Noted Exception: The Tea Tragedy ’04.

A chuckle gurgled up from the frozen depths of Lyra’s chest as she recalled her sister’s disgusted grimace. Fallon had nearly sworn off the code after Billy Klein’s unsophisticated attempt to chuck the whole cup plus tapioca pearls in one draw. It had ended in a Heimlich manoeuvre and an unbecomingly runny nose. Yet Fallon had prevailed thanks to their intervention, but the amendment had been added as a warning that there was always an exception to the rule, even if it involved the holy drink for date disasters.

Feeling the corners of her mouth tuck up into a smile, Lyra clumsily fished for her mobile. Maybe she had been lucky today. Who knew Greg could have turned out as another Billy Klein? Chuckling on a shudder, she quickly dialled Fallon’s number.

“Fabulous Fallon at your service. What’s up, sis?”, her sister’s chipper voice answered on the second ring, making Lyra laugh. Her bad mood was already fading. Heaving another sigh, she launched into her own witty repartee.

“I’ve been stood up, Fa. Greg’s an idiot. So, Bubble Tea Delivery, here. Please, place your orders now?”
“Oooh, you collected another one. What’s the tally? And I’ll take a Cocoloco with mango. I want something exotic.”

Rolling her eyes, Lyra mentally noted the order and walked in the direction of the subway. The next Bubble Tea Bar was two stops away. “3:4. You are still one miserable date in the lead.”

“Well, ain’t I lucky? Hurry up, sis. I already have the cookies and Jack and Rose ready.”

“I’m flying, Jack”, Lyra replied sarcastically, hanging up before Fallon could get another word in. With a big grin she rushed down the subway stairs, a warm gust of air colouring her pale cheeks a rosy colour. The Helston code had triumphed once again and who needed an unreliable guy, anyway.

Happy New Year!

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